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Motorcycle Apparel


Find your look from head to toe, From doo rags to belt buckles

Mix and match however you like to get a unique look that says you by using our huge selection of great items. You'll find a great stock of bandanas, belts, and shades to personalize your look.

Vests and Jackets

We offer a great selection for men and women who ride.

We also sell

Western hats.

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Leather Apparel & Accessories

Cavelli's Inc has a vast selection of leather apparel for sale in Richmond, Virgina, featuring leather motorcycle vests and jackets as well as gloves, shoes, other accessories and essentials. Both men and women can find everything they need to ride at Cavelli's.


Create your own personal look at Cavelli's with belts, buckles and other essentials like leather motorcycle vests and jackets. Unlike other leather stores, Cavelli's offers custom tailoring and shoe repair so you can keep riding in your favorite boots for life.


Knowing how important it is you are comfortable on your ride, Cavelli's can tailor and alter your favorite styles. In addition to leather goods, you can also check out the selection of Western hats, boots, bandanas and more.


The experts at Cavelli's help you pick a look as well as custom tailor it to your size, whether you are a man or a woman, new to motorcycles or have been on a bike for decades.


The selection and custom options found at Cavelli's have made the store an essential stop when looking for quality products to last for years to come.