Western Wear and

Motorcycle Apparel


Fulfilling most alteration and repair needs

Our friendly staff is more than happy to answer any alteration questions you may have for apparel or boots, and to apply any alterations on-site. We'll also sew any patches right in our store.

Quality attention for all of your leathers

You can come to our skilled staff for all of your alteration and repair needs for any of your leather apparel or accessories. We even offer you our own handmade knife and gun holsters. We'll keep you on the road with apparel that looks and feels brand new.


On top of providing typical shoe repair services, our skilled staff is also qualified to offer prescription shoe alteration work to provide your feet with maximum comfort while you ride. We also fix horse tack and horse saddles.

- Half-sole shoe repairs

- Full-sole shoe repairs

- Build-ups (prescription work)

- Leather refinishing/cleaning

Our leather repair and alteration services

- Leather alterations

- Zipper repairs

- Relace ball gloves

- Repair motorcycle bags

We offer handmade knife and gun cases.

We do prescription work for boots.


Leather bags, belts, money wallets and shoes Man riding a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket